Other Solutıons

DCS (Distributed Control System), is a system of sensors, controllers and associated computers distributed throughout a facility. DCS, which we can call the “central brain” of the facility, makes automatic decisions based on production trends and sees them in a facility in real time. It is one of the preferred automation systems in production facilities where the control center is close to the production center.

As DCS System, 3AB Energy provides you with turnkey solutions by using Siemens PCS7, Freelance, 800xA programs in Industrial Facilities and Siemens SPPA-T3000, 800xA programs in power generation facilities.

Our experienced staff helps you with your needs other than PLC, SCADA and DCS solutions, and offers solutions in the areas of special-purpose Reporting Software, Radio Modem, Wi-Fi, GSM and GPRS Data Transfer Applications, ABB and SIEMENS RTU Applications.